Co-operative skills include good communication, excellent meetings, effective team working, awareness of different conflict resolution styles and skilful negotiation techniques. Carrying out the audit will provide you with some ideas regarding where your co-operative might look to improve performance, and it will also provide us with useful background information if you decide that training or coaching would help your co-operative improve the way you work together.

The questionnaire is in 6 sections:

  1. Communications skills
  2. Information flow
  3. Meetings
  4. Team skills
  5. Planning
  6. Conflict management

Just reading the questions and thinking about them will give you some ideas on co-operative skills and where your co-operative might want to do some work on improving them. If you’d like us to look at your results and come back to you with a brief analysis of where your co-operative might most usefully focus attention, enter your email address and/or phone number below and we will contact you.


1. Communications Skills
2. Information Flow
  1. 2.2 Please evaluate the quality of the information you receive
  1. Tell us about your meetings. The questions below refer to any kind of meeting.
  2. (you can say 50% or half or whatever makes sense to you)
  3. 3.6 Is the meeting evaluated?
  1. Thank you for completing this audit. I hope you have found it useful. If you would like some feedback please complete the following and click Submit.

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