If you’ve ever wondered what exactly a co-operative is – there’s still no legal definition in the UK – you’ll find lots of information here, including the definition agreed by the International Co-operative Alliance in 1995 and the International Co-operative Principles.

Co-operative definition & Principles

Different types of co-operative

Co-op support and information:

Co-operatives UK

The International Co-operative Alliance

and some favourite co-ops:


The New Internationalist

Unicorn Co-operative Grocery


Wave Design Co-op

Co-operative & Mutual Solutions

Co-operative Business Consultants

The Phone Co-op

the boot of a new pioneer

There’s a lot of mythology around co-operatives – some people think that everyone decides everything, or that everyone is always paid the same, or that a co-operative is a voluntary organisation or a charity. Here’s some clarity on those myths, and a favourite of mine – The Tyranny of Structurelessness – hideous title for an excellent analysis of why structure is so important for groups who want to change the world. Without it you will be ruled by unaccountable people who owe their power to knowledge or charisma or access to resources, who were not elected and therefore cannot be controlled or removed from power.


Debunking co-op myths

The tyranny of structurelessness