Generating and nurturing a strong co-operative culture – Top Tips

There’s been a lot of talk about co-operative governance and culture recently, so when our friend and fellow co-operator Siôn Whellens, of worker co-operative Calverts Design & Print, said “Co-operative culture eats co-operative governance for breakfast” it got us thinking .. And so during Co-operatives Fortnight, Co-operantics talked to seven very different co-operatives, with the aim … Continue reading “Generating and nurturing a strong co-operative culture – Top Tips”

Multistakeholder Co-operatives Manchester 30th September

Stir to Action  in collaboration with The Co-operative College, is hosting a one-day workshop on multistakeholder co-ops on 30th September 2017. The workshop will be held at Holyoake House, Hanover St, Manchester M60 0AS and will be run by Kate Whittle of Co-operantics. If you cannot get to Manchester, you can follow the workshop via … Continue reading “Multistakeholder Co-operatives Manchester 30th September”

Co-operantics Conversations #6 Footprint Workers Co-operative

Our (nearly) last Conversation is with the wonderfully energetic Cath Muller of Footprint Workers Co-operative based at Cornerstone Resource Centre, Chapeltown, Leeds. Cath is also a member of Co-operative Business Consultants. Footprint was set up in July 2000 to provide printing services to the highest possible ethical and environmental standards. They strive to make printing … Continue reading “Co-operantics Conversations #6 Footprint Workers Co-operative”

Co-operantics Conversations #4 Hamwic Housing Co-operative

Today’s Conversation with Hamwic Housing Co-op in Southampton, an older and more well-established housing co-op, points out some of the problems that can crop up if a strong co-operative culture is not renewed and nurtured over time. We talk to Dave Morris, outgoing Secretary of Hamwic: Hi Dave, My first question is: Q: Which is … Continue reading “Co-operantics Conversations #4 Hamwic Housing Co-operative”

Co-operative Board governance reviews and workshops

Co-operative Board governance review Fractious relationships between Board members? Meetings going on too long? No time for strategic oversight because of constant fire-fighting? A mismatch between your governance approach and the predominant culture in your co-op? Help is at hand! Co-operantics’ Co-operative Board Governance review will help you identify the problems and blockages, take the … Continue reading “Co-operative Board governance reviews and workshops”

from Conflict to Co-operation revisited

It’s hard to believe it was over 10 years ago that I wrote these booklets, together with the excellent cartoonist and illustrator Angela Martin and our patient and knowledgeable editor, Sarah Alldred (then at Co-operatives UK) now at the Co-operative College. I’d started thinking some time before that helping co-ops set up effective democratic governance … Continue reading “from Conflict to Co-operation revisited”

Peer appraisal in worker co-ops

– or “how do you tell your co-worker their work is crap?” (Hint: You don’t) Many moons ago, at a worker co-op conference, someone asked me: “how do you tell your co-worker their work is crap?” Good question, I thought, but I hadn’t the slightest idea how to do it. Except I thought then – … Continue reading “Peer appraisal in worker co-ops”

Happy Holidays From the Co-operanticators!

It’s been a great year, with some hopeful & positive initiatives.  Here are some of our highlights: May: Worker Co-op Weekend in Sussex June: Co-op skills seminar: Being a good co-op member with Phill Burton from Dynamix June: we organised a Bristol worker co-ops meet up at Cafe Kino and a co-op social in Southampton … Continue reading “Happy Holidays From the Co-operanticators!”

Getting People to the Cooperative Breakfast Table

Our friend Brian Van Slyke, designer of Co-opoly has written an interesting response to our article on co-operative culture, focusing on co-operative culture and start-ups. We like it so much it is posted in its entirety here: Getting People to the Cooperative Breakfast Table: Forging A Co-op Culture During the Start-Up Phase The recent series … Continue reading “Getting People to the Cooperative Breakfast Table”