Independent Co-operative Board member service

Is your co-operative looking for independent Board members?

Some co-operatives decide to co-opt independent Board members to access their expertise and skills – particularly in times when the business is going through a growth or transition stage, or at the start-up stage.   We advocate developing Directors’ skills and using advisors to the Board, however, we understand that independent Directors could be a preferred option for some co-ops.

If your co-operative is considering co-opting an independent Director please consider adding us to your list of potential candidates.  We possess a wide range of experience having worked with hundreds of enterprises, and have a particular specialism in co-operative governance and member participation.  We would be more than happy to have a conversation about the skills and expertise you are looking for, your co-op’s needs and how we might be able to provide the right solution.   Fees negotiable.

  • We can also assist you to draw up a role description and person specification if you need assistance to recruit independent Board members or member Directors