Policy & Procedure review for co-operatives

  • Do you find that teams or departments in your co-op seem to be pulling in a different direction?
  • Are you concerned that your policies are in a mess?
  • When did you last look at your policies?
  • Do they fit with Co-operative Values & Principles, your Rules/Articles/Constitution?
  • Do they reflect day to day practice?
  • Do any of your policies or processes contradict each other?

Maybe you need to review your policies and procedures!  We can provide a review of your co-operative’s policies and procedures, or secondary rules, and recommend improvements based upon:

  • Application of the Co-operative Principles
  • An understanding of your approach to governance – from flat structured consensus based collectives to elected committees and representative structures
  • Practices that encourage individual participation
  • Aiming to improve effectiveness
  • Building in feedback so the co-operative knows how well it is performing

It’s up to you the level of support you buy:

One policy – We can review one specific policy

Whole suite – We will take a look at all your policies to check that you don’t accidentally have different parts of the co-operative pulling in opposite directions.

Our recommendations will often include observations about your co-operative’s governance and suggestions for how it may be improved.  If you require us to write policies for you, this a service we can also provide.

Contact us to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.


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